Providing you with quality consulting for life science laboratory instruments used in genomics and proteomics. Get a great deal, and ensure your success by choosing a system that meets your needs. Help navigate through marketing brochures, and bells and whistles to get the straight story about what each piece of laboratory capital equipment can do. Guest speaker and Scientific Consultant for labs and institutes across Canada. Email technical questions from anywhere in the world, and get your lab problems solved. Specializing in qPCR, Realtime PCR, Digital PCR, Chromatography, Gel Documentation, and Luminex (Bioplex) Instruments.

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To generate good scientific data there are many sample
preparation steps, then data collection, and then software analysis steps. In most cases, the best way to perform an experiment requires instruments and reagents from multiple different sources. 

There is no company that can be good at providing everything.  Use this site to help make informed decisions before capital equipment purchases...

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