Useful Bioplex and Luminex 200 settings

Gate settings, sample dilutions, standard curve preparation

Kits for Diabetes, Angiogenesis, and Accute phase Cytokines

Biorad recently released kits to detect markers for Diabetes, Angiogenesis, and Accute Phase  cytokines.  All of these kits use the new magnetic bead format.  The beads can be processed using the standard vacuum plates from Millipore, and can be run on any Luminex 100, 200 or Bioplex 100, 200 instrument.

For specific information on each panel please download the relevant brochure.

Diabetes Panel

Angiogenesis Panel

Coupling your own Protein to Luminex Beads

General information and recommendations
for coupling proteins.

Antibody Preparation

Bead Selection

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