Nanostring Gene Expression Service Offered at McGill JGH

Nanostring is a relatively new technology but it has several great advantages when it comes to gene expression
studies.  The nCounter Gene Expression CodeSets are a way to screen and analyze the expression levels of up to 800 genes simultaneously.  The best part is that sample types which are commonly available in pathology labs can be screened with precision superior to qPCR. The nCounter system can directly measure mRNA levels from tissue and blood lysates and even Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) extracts. 

It is a direct binding assay so no pre-amplification with PCR is necessary.

For labs who will not be able to afford to get their own system, there is a very reliable service offered at the JGH Digital Pathology Platform.  This is part of the McGill teaching hospital network, and the service is run under the
expert supervision of renowned molecular pathologist Dr. Leon van Kempen.

Price lists can be found at the Digital pathology website (nanostring price list)

As with a lot of screening technologies, it makes sense to do the largest possible screen of targets, and then focus a study afterwards on those targets that show the greatest difference between disease condition and wildtype.

Sensitivity, Reproducibility and Dynamic Range