How to get the best results for fluorescent western blots


The article published in Pharma has an excellent overview of how to get the best results for fluorescent westwern blot applications.  If you have an imager with multiple excitation sources like a Versadoc 4000 or Versadoc 5000 or Pharos FX, then performing fluorescent blots is easy.  It is very important to use a low fluorescent background membrane.


2012 Update

Laser based systems for excitation are gradually becoming a thing of the past.  LEDs are so powerful nowdays and have much longer lifespan.  Systems like the Chemidoc MP, which basically stands for Chemidoc (multiplexing) are only a fraction of the cost of laser based machines.

The LED systems come equipped with blue, green and red excitation.  You still need to use a low fluorescent membrane, but capturing an image has never been easier.

Read the updated guide. How to create and troubleshoot multiplex fluorescent western blots.